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We provide design, installation and commissioning for compressed air pipework systems; from alterations and additions of existing pipework to a new complete turnkey system. A full understanding of our customer's requirements and aims ensure the demand from the compressed air system is met in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

The correct installation of compressed air equipment is important to protect the capital investment and to ensure the long-term reliability and operating efficiency of the system. Peace of mind is also provided that all work will be in accordance with current guidelines and legislation.

To consider only the initial capital cost of an air compressor can be a false economy as compressed air accounts for the biggest single use of energy in many companies. With regular maintenance and monitoring of the demands on a compressed air system and the way the compressor is programmed to meet it, will advise you accordingly of all potential savings.

Rotary Screw Compressors
Recipricating Compressors
Air Receivers
Refrigerant Dryers
Dessicant & Membrane Dryers
Compressed Air Filters
Nitrogen Generators
Low Pressure Blowers
Vacuum Pumps
Dental & Silent Compressors
Condensate Management
Compressed Air Management Systems
Infinity Powder Coated Pipework
Spares & Accessories

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